5 Tools to Get Your Ghost Hunting On!

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, there is no doubt that paranormal activity continues to attract the masses.  There are people out there who want to experience feeling scared on purpose!

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, there is no doubt that paranormal activity continues to attract the masses.  There are people out there who want to experience feeling scared on purpose! They seek out the danger, the terror, the fear of what’s waiting for them in the dark.  Others hope to connect with loved ones who have passed on. Spiritual phenomena are everywhere you look from the numerous TV shows debunking or searching for ghosts, to the trending haunted urban exploration YouTube channels. With how easy it is to manipulate footage these days, one has to wonder whether the creepy content you are absorbing is authentic.  The only way to know for sure is to truly experience the paranormal for yourself.

And yep–there’s an app for that!


Here are five popular tools to help you connect with the afterlife.



Let’s start with a classic, not to mention the most obvious. Known by other names such as “witch board”, this device was first introduced to the world as a “talk board” and gained ground in Baltimore, MD. Even though the Ouija is considered a portal to the netherworld, it is marketed to the public simply as a board game and is even sold in toy stores!  Make no doubt about it, this thing is the real deal, whether you buy one from the store, or you decide to make one on your own (speaking from personal experience, here)!

However you choose to get your hands on one of these, make sure to follow the rules such as: always say “goodbye” to close the portal to avoid any lingering spirits. 

  • K-2 METER


You will never see an Urb Exer who produces haunted content without one of these bad boys! The K-2 meter, also known as an EMF detector measures electromagnetic fields. How does that signify a ghost’s presence, you ask? It depends on your surroundings. Professional ghost hunters believe that spirits may consist of residual electrical charges, therefore considering K-2 meters to be a vital asset in their toolkits. It’s capable of detecting varying strengths of surrounding energy fields. The stronger the surrounding energy, the higher the K-2 reading you’ll get. Don’t get too excited though if you’re on a ghost hunt and your K-2 spikes all the way up to red. K-2s are sensitive to such things as cell phones, power lines, wiring, and other electronic devices. You will probably debunk a lot more than you anticipate. 



Also known as a “ghost box”, this device is sure to get you addicted to summoning spirits at the drop of a hat. It’s almost guaranteed to conjure up ghosts caught in limbo.  These handheld radios produce white noise while continuously searching its own band, giving long lost souls the chance to send a message.  It’s almost like having haunted walkie-talkies!



If you’re like us, then you are definitely skeptical of one thing: smartphone apps that claim they are capable of performing the same as other sophisticated devices. But if you are going to become involved in paranormal research, you will most certainly want to download one of the best PI apps around, the Necrophonic App.  Every haunted content creator across Youtube never hunts ghosts without it! This app acts just the same as a spirit box does, but with a perk. The app cancels out the static sound of bandwidth searching, so all you hear are the potential messages any ghosts may be sending you. Remember to tell any entities you connect with that they are absolutely NOT allowed to follow you home! 



Our final tool for paranormal investigation might be the most unbelievable, even though evidence of spiritual communication appears right before your eyes with dowsing rods.

These metal rods are just that; no high-tech devices here. How to conjure a spirit with them? Simply hold one rod in each hand, and ask the spirit “yes or no” questions. The rods will “move” or “cross” depending on the type of spiritual reaction you receive. But they could inadvertently be manipulated by the user, even if the user is unaware of something called ideomotor movements; unconscious, involuntary actions that are performed based on prior expectations. 


You have plenty of options when trying to talk to the dead. Using any of the tools on this list alone, we would be skeptical. But if your K-2 is spiking while your dowsing rods are crossing with your spirit box simultaneously shouting for help in the background, chances are you may be communicating with a spirit! 


By:  Dana Nuzzo

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