Brian Kearley

I am someone who talks about cats way too frequently.


Brian Kearley is a comedian and producer living in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a regular at the Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy chain, the Production Manager for Big Pine Comedy Festival and San Diego Comedy Festival, as well as the co-founder of Phoenix-based production company Broken Drift Productions. Brian was voted the Phoenix New Times Best Comedian of 2018. He is the creator and host of The Kearley’s Yearlies, an annual award show honoring the Phoenix comedy scene. In Brian’s free time, he commentates video game tournaments on twitch and throws a mean yo-yo. Brian is currently one of the head writers for the YouTube digital series God As My Roommate. Brian has played the titular character of the short film Lucky, (Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival) and various other roles. You can find Brian on the podcast “That Reminds Me of a Story”, available on iTunes, as well as “The Smash Pad”, available on YouTube. If you look fast enough, he kind of looks like Jared Leto.

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