Hillary Hutson

Hillary makes up one part of the Phoenix-based Broken Drift Production team.



Born and raised in Arizona, Hillary Hutson makes up one part of the Phoenix based Broken Drift Production team. As Executive Producer and Creative Director, Hillary is responsible for the organization and development festivals across the country, including Big Pine Comedy Festival (AZ) and it’s evolution of educational workshops and panels available to the public.

Hillary has been the booker/talent scout for venues such as Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy (AZ), The Comedy Palace (CA),  and Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club & Lounge. She has actively worked with numerous showrunners and festivals across the nation to help produce high quality events and media. In 2019, Hillary took her first step into club ownership and investment when she became part of the Laughs Unlimited family in Sacramento, California. Find Hillary on various podcasts including “Totally Off Topic”, “You’re Not Good at This”, and “Too Many First Dates”.  Available now on the Broken Drift Soundcloud, PodBean, Spotify and YouTube.

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