I Tried Three Brain Training Apps, and Here’s How It Went 

It’s 2021 and I figured it was about damn time to do some self, health, wealth improvements. It was bumpy, honestly, but I’m back in the swing of things. And to get back on track, I did what any other normal person looking to shortcut their goals would do, and downloaded an app or three. 

We’ve all seen (and skipped) those Lumosity ads or the ones for Noom, but do they work? Can an app really make us sharper, funnier, or math wizards? I tried out a few of the Apple Store’s top-rated brain training games to find out which one was going to turn me into a super-genius… or at least close enough to it. 

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Five April Fools’ Day Jokes That Never Go Out of Style 

Having lived through 22 April Fool’s Days, there are some pranks that remain close to my heart and some that just need to get trashed & tossed. And what a better opportunity to share some foolproof Fool’s Day pranks with a few mischievous rascals than now! Here are five April Fool’s Day pranks that never cease to hoodwink the public. 

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5 Ways To Restore Your In-Person Interaction

Why you need to improve your face-to-face interaction and how! Could it be that technology has made things too easy for us?  If you have ventured to your local hang out recently, chances are you may have noticed some people are severely lacking face-to-face interaction skills.

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