Parenting the Banana Bros: Chicken Babies

There I am, minding my own business, cruising through my Facebook feed and my eye catches a post from a dear teacher friend of mine. 

I chuckle and keep scrolling.  

Wait a minute? What did that say?  I quickly scroll back up and re-read the post. 

Two boys, “cutting babies to make BBQ”? Hmmmmm. 

FB Post:

Me: “Oh my gosh! You are talking about B aren’t you.”

Friend: “Do you really want me to tell you? ;)”

M: “Ugh. I knew it. Chicken Babies. It must be from Dr. Pol. All I can say is … at least it was chicken.” 

F: “What is Dr. Pol? I thought they made that up.” 

M: “It’s a reality show on Nat Geo. He is a wild animal vet. It’s B’s favorite.”

F: “YES!!!! So many things are starting to make sense. Holes in translations. I’m going to google it. I have to keep with the culture of our younger generation.” 

Plastic knives. Chicken Babies. Facebook. A mother’s dream. 

Please enjoy some of the public responses to Chicken Babies: