Five April Fools’ Day Jokes That Never Go Out of Style 

Having lived through 22 April Fool’s Days, there are some pranks that remain close to my heart and some that just need to get trashed & tossed. And what a better opportunity to share some foolproof Fool’s Day pranks with a few mischievous rascals than now! Here are five April Fool’s Day pranks that never cease to hoodwink the public. 

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5 Ways To Restore Your In-Person Interaction

Why you need to improve your face-to-face interaction and how! Could it be that technology has made things too easy for us?  If you have ventured to your local hang out recently, chances are you may have noticed some people are severely lacking face-to-face interaction skills.

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Your Pandemic Adventure Guide 

Is it possible to escape/embrace the frigid temperatures and come back to the Zoom office feeling fresher than ever? Well, yeah, duh. But if you’ve run out of brilliant ideas to say bon voyage to the current snow situation, then have no fear because I surely haven’t. Here are few adventures to embark on this winter. 

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Date Confidently

Dating jitters are natural when you’re wondering if someone likes  you. On the other hand, there’s something sexy about having confidence in your love life.

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