Parenting the Banana Bros: The New Nanny

Our family has been fortunate to surround ourselves with some wonderful nannies while our kids were growing up. Not too long ago, we had to bring in someone new and it has been a wild ride. Let me paint a picture of the new nanny … Phil was a self proclaimed “manny” by day and a stand up comedian by night. He looked like a long lost Hemsworth brother. A cross between Thor and Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell. He was 27, going on 8 years old. He fit right in with the kids, although I often felt like Phil himself still needed adult supervision. 

Day One: 

The front door flies open and Phil comes in sweating, panting, and freaking out. 

P: “Hurry. I need someone to come to the bus with me. Hurry. I need an adult.”

Nicole (the old nanny): “I’m coming. What is going on?”  

P: “I don’t know. The bus driver didn’t recognize me, and he wouldn’t let the kids off the bus. He says I’m not on the list. The whole neighborhood is down there, just standing around, watching. The driver said he has to take the kids back to school if he doesn’t see someone he knows.” 

Nicole and Phil sprit out the door and head towards the bus stop a couple of blocks away. A minute passes. 3 minutes. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. In walks 2 little boys with tear stroked faces, nanny Phil sweating and looking forlorn, and Nicole, shaking her head and laughing. 

The Full Story: 

Phil went to the bus and arrived early to make sure he didn’t miss it. He was 15 minutes early and very responsible; until he got bored. He decided to surprise them and then planned a scavenger hunt for the walk home from the bus. When the bus arrived (on time) Phil was hiding in the bushes. Let me repeat. A 28 year old man was hiding in the bushes at a children’s bus stop. 

When the bus arrived, Phil jumped out and said, “Are you Brady and Braxon? Let’s go on an adventure.”

The bus driver deserves a medal.