Banana Sister: What about the Tooth Fairy?

As my kids get older they have started to be afraid of unjustified things. Conveniently, their new fears either affect daily household chores or everyday hygiene routines. We recently moved into a two story house. Our daughter’s bathroom is on the ground floor. 

K: Mommy? I can’t take a shower. What if there are ghosts down there? 

Mommy: There are no ghosts downstairs. There are no ghosts.  

K: How do you know?

M: Are vampires real? 

K: No. 

M: Are werewolves real?

K: No 

M: Ok. So see … ghosts aren’t real.

K: What about fairies? Are fairies real? 

M: (Laughing) No. 

K: What about the tooth fairy? Isn’t she real? 

M: (To myself, but out loud.) Huh. 

K: Mommy, what about the tooth fairy?

M: Well yeah. Of course she is real, but she is a different kind of fairy. 

K: Oh. But … 

M: Go shower.  

Phew. Saved by the stink.