Part conference, part competition, all comedy … the Cactus Comedy Classic brings a 3 days of live art & entertainment to Stir Crazy Comedy Club and partnering Westgate venues in Glendale, AZ.

The CCC is held the last weekend of April annually.

Each year 25 comedians are invited to participate in the CCC. Performers include standup and musical comedy.

The winner of the CCC will be chosen by our panel of visiting Industry. 1st place will receive a $1K cash prize at the end of the weekend. Performers are scored on originality/material, stage presence, “x factor”, and audience reactions.

Visiting industry changes each year, but we typically invite a variety of comedy club owners and bookers to attend/judge each performance.

Yes. The 2022 schedule will include Industry Meet N’ Greets, Performer events, free meal opportunities, accommodation discounts, live podcasts, and more. A full schedule will be available for performers & guests as we get closer to the event.

2022 Lineup

Katie K.

Kane Holloway

Jack Jr.

Carlos Rodriguez

Pete Jr

Tristan Bowling

Brandon Vestal

Jordan Makin

Pedro Gonzalez

Taquita Love

Jaye Devan

James Hancock III

André Mulligan

Christine Ferrera

Jess Miller

Jamie Shriner

Lisa Gilbert

Kelly Barksdale

Day Peace

Maryam Moosavi

Lauren Compton

Rosalee Mayeux

Jackie Gold

Jordan Perry

Zac Allen

Grace Jung

Zavior Phillips

Mike Glazer

Butch Escobar

Wolf Brown

Cat Alvarado

Anthony Davis