Event Production

Big Pine Comedy Festival (2017–2020)

Big Pine Comedy Festival is a 501(c)3 organization supporting and sponsoring the Arizona art community. Annually the 3rd week of September, Big Pine Comedy Festival holds a multi-day celebration of comedy and live entertainment.  Each year Big Pine to brings 50+ of the nation’s top comedians, performers, podcasts, groups and industry to the city of Flagstaff to network, educate, and entertain!  Throughout the year Big Pine Comedy Festival has featured performers like Marsha Warfield, Trenton Davis, Matt Rife, Jaye McBride, Allison Gill, Orlando Leyba, Jackie Fabulous, Michael Longfellow, Big Irish Jay Hollingsworth, Jamie Kennedy, Jim Breuer and more.

40/40 Fest (2020)

Broken Drift Productions is partnering with Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club & Lounge to bring the 40 for 40 Fest to old Sacramento! We’re celebrating 40 years of Laughs with 40 comedians and 5 days of Funny! We’re excited to laugh with featured comedians like Chanel Ali, Thai Rivera, Jozalyn Sharp, Cory & Chad the Smash Brothers, Tony Baker, Tamer Kattan, Tony Roberts, and more.

Cactus Comedy Classic (2020)

Stir Crazy Comedy Club and Broken Drift Productions are partnering to bring a one-of-a-kind comedy event to the Valley of the Sun. Part conference, part competition … all COMEDY! 2020 kicks of the inaugural year for the Cactus Comedy Classic and partnering Westgate venues. We’re laughing our way through 3 days of comedy stand up, musical comedy, podcast and panels with Tony Tripoli, Bob Kubota, Jack Jr., Lukas Seely, Jill Kimmel and more.

Noho Comedy Festival (2018–2020)

What started off as a simple conversation with Noho Comedy Festival creator, Jack Assadourian Jr, has grown into something quite different. The Broken Drift crew joined Haha Comedy Club at their inaugural event in 2018 as a small team of volunteers. Selling merchandise, tickets and attending events. In 2020 the Broken Drift team finds ourselves running daytime programming including festival panels and live podcasts. 

San Diego Comedy Festival (2019)

The Broken Drift team joined forces with The Comedy Palace to bring the 6th annual San Diego Comedy Festival in May 2019. The 10 day event featured stand up, musical comedy, live podcasts, panels & workshops and more. The fest featured upcoming artists such as DJ Sandhu, Orlando Leyba, Allison Gill, Tony Tripoli, Michael Turner, Carmen Morales, Missy G. Hall, Kira Soltanovich and more. Invited performers competed in the annual competition where comedian Anthony Davis walked away with 1st place. 

Kearley's Yearlies

The Kearley’s Yearlies is a premiere, can’t miss annual awards ceremony celebrating (and roasting!) the finest comics that Arizona Comedy has to offer. Host Brian Kearley and special guest co-host hit the stage each year to honor and tease some of our favorite comedians. Only a select few nominees walk away with a coveted “Golden Lily” each year. The evenings festivities include musical and surprise guests. Together we laugh along with our guests and throw a one-of-a-kind Holiday Party where everyone is a winner.

Shane Doan Roast (2019)

The Broken Drift team partnered with Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy, NBC (12 News Sports), and the Coyote Foundation to bring the Roast of Shane Doan to High Street in Arizona. The Broken Drift team helped through out the event including but not limited to: staff writers, audio techs, assistant producers, photographers, and videographers. The Shane Doan Roast celebrated the retirement of legendary hockey player Shane Doan and the Arizona Coyotes Association.