Feeling Sad or Low? Help Yourself and Rescue a Dog!

Why considering a rescue dog for adoption will save you..

“I am just so down lately.”

“I wish I had the freedom all those others have.”

“I admit it; I am lonely.”

“When is it going to be my turn?”

This is exactly what your choice rescue dog for adoption is thinking.  Oh yes, animals tend to experience the same feelings humans do, especially canines.  And right now, there is a sweet, loving, and caring dog out there ready and willing to lift your spirits!  But they need to find their forever homes first.  Becoming a pet parent is a joyous experience like no other.  There is something to be said about a bond that requires no words like that of a person with their dog.  It can truly transcend verbal communication.  There are plenty of reasons to own a dog, and one of the most beneficial is how therapeutic having a canine companion can be.

Did you know that a dog’s mental capability is equivalent to a 2-year old child’s?

Dogs can possess a vocabulary of anywhere between 100-200 words!  So when it seems like your rescue dog is listening to every word you are saying, they probably are!  Making those times of loneliness we all experience a lot easier to cope with.  Go on, talk to your dog.  

They will listen, and your voice will most likely comfort them in the process.  

Another great aspect:  dogs aim to please.  They know unconditional love and are only satisfied when they are allowed to express their love to you.  Dogs live to make you happy!  We could all use a lot more happiness these days.

If you need to get rid of some stress in your life, you are probably thinking that getting a dog would be the last thing you need.  But that is the wrong mindset.  If you are looking to de-stress, that is one of the best reasons to consider a rescue dog for adoption!  Studies show that petting a dog (or cat) helps to lower blood pressure, and that pet owners tend to have lower heart rates versus non-pet owners.  How about that?  Dogs help us just by being themselves!  

While we are on the subject of our physical health, rest assured that your rescue dog can receive training to become a therapy dog!  It does not take a purebred to learn all the tricks.  

Although purebreds are amazing, chances are your rescue dog will most likely be a mix who is ready to work, live, play, and most of all love and help you in any way they can.

Dogs are incredible teachers because unlike their feline counterparts, dogs are not self-sufficient.  There is a huge misconception when contemplating becoming a dog owner.  Many people worry about how they are going to train their new pet.  Even though your dog will need training, you will discover that your dog will eventually be teaching you.  Your dog will not be able to tell you what is wrong-”hey human, I’m hungry!”, or ask for what they need-

”Um, human I have to go potty.”  So you will have to follow their signals and read their body language.  The sense of accomplishment a pet owner obtains once they understand how to communicate with their dog in this way is undeniably satisfying.  Both the dog and the owner will gain a newfound respect for one another.  In turn, you can help other new pet owners to effectively communicate with their dogs once you get the hang of things.  Now, do not be intimidated by this process.  Getting used to your dog’s behavior and vice versa will take some time, so patience is required.  Just remember that your dog is always trying to tell you something and be willing to listen.  You will both find a rhythm and common ground!

So we know how dogs can help us, humans.  How can we help them?  There are so many available dogs out there who need good homes!  And while there are perks to purchasing a puppy or dog from a reputable breeder, deciding to go the rescue route helps to save one of these precious souls from living on the streets.  Research rescue shelters in your area.  

(NEVER purchase from a pet store or puppy mill!)  

“Adopt, don’t shop.”  This is the unwritten rule used around the pet owner community to raise awareness against inhumane pet stores and puppy mills.  This term could seem confusing to some.  When you are thinking of adopting a pet, most times there are small fees involved because most rescue centers will prepare their dogs for ownership before they go to their new homes.  So when you adopt a rescue dog, the fees incurred are not necessarily to purchase the dog, but rather to cover expenses such as their first shots.  Also, rescue centers often tend to microchip their adoptees.  

Rather than focusing on a particular breed, it is best to find the right match between owner and dog.  For example, a rambunctious Beagle puppy is probably not the best option for an elderly couple.  KEEP OLDER DOGS IN MIND!  Dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages are always available for adoption.  You may wish to consider adopting an adult dog who is housebroken instead of a puppy who requires house training.  Whichever kind of dog you choose to make your new companion, it will be a truly blessed experience that your dog will forever be grateful!


By:  Dana Nuzzo

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