How To Clean Your Life by Cleaning Your Living Space!

Tips for spring cleaning ‘21 to get you organized and lift your spirits.

Just like that, the calendar turned another year and now Spring is upon us!  What shape is your house, apartment, or even your room looking like?  Do you feel like your living space has you stuck in the wintertime blues?  Are your blinds drawn in your room that’s draped in drab color?  If your residence has you feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone.  

According to research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh, our surroundings can reflect our current state of mind.  Have unfinished tasks scattered around the house?  That could be why you’re feeling anxious or depressed.  With the hot Summer weather approaching, there is no better time than right now to open the blinds up, turn the Netflix off and get your cleaning groove on to make you feel lighter, brighten your mood, and get you ready for a great season.  

So, click your remote off and get ready to take notes on how to get your home organized and ready for Summer 2021!  

Don’t worry, that new season of your favorite show will still be there to binge when you’re finished cleaning.

  • TAKE INVENTORY:  There’s no better way to drive yourself even crazier than to begin a project haphazardly.  It’s kind of difficult to start the actual cleaning if you have too many items standing in your way.  To avoid unnecessary frustration, we suggest beginning your spring cleaning journey by observing every area of your living space and take note of what you should keep and what needs to go.  This task might be difficult for some as it’s always hard to part ways with items that seem to hold sentimental value.  But ask yourself if you need to keep that blouse from that awesome date ten years ago that you haven’t worn since.  Yeah, we didn’t think so!  

  • KEEP / TRASH / DONATE:  Our next tip goes in line with the above.  And it will require willpower to complete.  Only keep items that will truly benefit you and your household.  If decluttering your place from the items that no longer fit your current lifestyle makes you feel uneasy, it might help to focus on donating said items if possible.  This way you won’t feel like you’re trashing any memories, but instead are helping someone else in need.  You might not need that coffee table with the wobbly leg but guaranteed there’s someone out there who can’t afford to purchase furniture.  

When taking inventory, if items are salvageable then consider donating them rather than sending them to their final resting place of a dumping site.  Do this room by room:  create your “keep”, “trash”, and “donate” piles.  Clean out one section at a time.  Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Getting yourself organized is a hefty project.  It’s not a race so allow yourself the time to do it!  

  • TO YARD SALE OR NOT:  You’ve heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  Lots of people would agree!  

Sure having a yard sale of your once-favorite things will not only help rid your home of them but can also earn you cash in the long run.  Before considering opening up your yard flea market to your community, do some surveying of your neighborhood first.  Do you live in an area where yard sales are the norm?  Does your street get enough foot traffic leading to your place?  Ask yourself these questions because although yard sales are a great way to earn cash you will have to deal with the aftermath; yard sales are a lot of work.  You will have to prepare yourself to haul the unsold items back into your home.  If you’re in a hurry to organize your home, you might be better off simply donating your items instead of waiting in the hopes of someone wanting to purchase from your sale.

  • TOP TO BOTTOM:  Tackling the task of a major cleaning is enough to ruffle anyone’s feathers.  Sometimes it can feel as if there’s no end in sight.  But if you organize your cleaning methods, you’ll see that it’s a doable job that will leave you feeling accomplished at the end of the day!  So where to begin?  It’s as simple as starting from the top and going to the bottom.  For example you may want to dust off those cobwebs from your ceiling before you vacuum your carpeting.  Dust, pet hair, and debris tend to fly in every direction.  

Beginning your cleaning from the higher points will alleviate the dreaded recleaning of items that rest in the lower places.

  • INSIDE OUT:  Depending on the type of residence you hold, if you’re a homeowner then you know spring cleaning means outdoors as well as in.  Share the tasks with your spouse and children or your roommates.  Designate who completes which tasks.  You can wash the windows while your son mows the lawn.  Doing chores probably won’t be on your child’s fave to-do list, but if you turn the tasks into a fun family project, chances are your kids will be more willing to help out.  Turn doing the chores into a game, with a prize for finished tasks.  Cleaning time can be quality family time.

  • REDECORATE:  This next idea can be the most fun if you love interior decorating.  Obviously, this can be accomplished only after your spring cleaning has been completed.  And sometimes even afterward, you may feel that the cleaning just wasn’t enough.  You’ve been living with the same drab tan walls for ten years.

You realize how great this room would look with a cerulean-colored accent wall!  Or perhaps just a few throw pillows in a fun color would be enough to spruce up your space.  With just the right accessories, your place can go from boring to wow!


When your finances are a mess so is your life!  It’s time to sit down 

and clean out your financial space.  These days, who isn’t feeling 

financially strained?  Believe it or not, organizing your bills and

reworking your budget will lift a huge weight off your shoulders!

If you’re someone who has yet to go paperless with your bills, 

receipts , etc., purchase some folders and organize them.  You may

even wish to invest in a filing cabinet for storage.  This way your 

important documents will be in a safe place and easy to find, making 

you feel less scatter-brained and more on top of your game.  

You got this!


By:  Dana Nuzzo

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