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Bachelorette Recap, Episode 4 - Clare found GTFO!

November 9, 2020

The TOT Gals are NOT speechless when it comes to episode 4! The wheels have officially come off the season as Clare is determined to get Prince Dale to propose. Meanwhile all the dudes are like WTF…why don’t Prince Dale and the Oldest Bachelorette in history just get a room already?!?! Spoiler alert: THEY DO! But does this short love affair turn into an “I do” that lasts? Who knows, but the TOT gals do not hold back on their opinions. Listen along as Hillary offers insight to editing tricks that picked up on that producers, Katie K is NOT convinced that both Clare Bear and Prince Dale have hitchhiking fathers, Mary is ready for Tayshia and some new dudes, and Kerri is ready for more camera time for NASA (aka Ivan) and Demar (aka DJ Spin). Listen along to hear their predictions for who the new front runners will be for Tayshia and tune in every Friday for a breakdown of each week’s Bachelorette episode.


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