99 Roommates

We all have roommates that we Love or Love to Hate! Hosts, Jack Galvin & Hillary Hutson hash out the unique relationship of being someone’s roommate, how it can ultimately help shape the course of your life, and all the crazy stories in-between. Follow along the journey of 99 Roommates as we meet up with some of our hosts former roommates, and some of our favorite friends.

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Nobody's Home (Cassidy Poling)

June 30, 2020

Hang out with Jack, Hillary, and Broken Drift Video Production Manager, Cassidy Poling as we break down bunking up on the Ramblin’ Van. We discuss our favorite places in Memphis, where we want to visit next, and what it’s like having a ghost for a roommate. Cassidy shares stories from her time in Australia and what it’s like when you’re the crazy roommate. Plus, Hillary shares her story of falling in love in the jungle when there’s an extreme language barrier.


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