99 Roommates

We all have roommates that we Love or Love to Hate! Hosts, Jack Galvin & Hillary Hutson hash out the unique relationship of being someone’s roommate, how it can ultimately help shape the course of your life, and all the crazy stories in-between. Follow along the journey of 99 Roommates as we meet up with some of our hosts former roommates, and some of our favorite friends.

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Bonus Episode H (Quarantine Edition)

March 27, 2020

For episode H, Hillary and Jack are flying solo … everyone else is crashed out and exhausted. We’re continuing to make restrictions on our quarantine, and limiting our contact with the outside world more and more each day. We share some of the stresses of quarantine, isolation, and the possibility that we may have to quarantine longer than others. Plus … in a world of insanity, Jack has started listening to psychics and Kim Kardashian.

Episode H: Hillary Hutson and Jack Galvin

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