Meat Sweats

Just a couple of comics trying to make the world suck a little less 45min to an hour at a time.


Join hosts Matt Walker and Bill Laskowski as they sit down for a chat with the funniest, weirdest, most inspiring people they know in beautiful downtown Phoenix AZ!

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Cured Meat

January 27, 2020

Coming at you like a blind person driving a Lamborghini, it’s Meat Sweats 109!

In this episode we celebrate the life and times of Phoenix’s oldest and most cherished comedian, Johnny “my plumbings all fixed” Moss! Join us as Johnny muddles through his life story while Matt and Bill attempt to keep him on message.

Like, comment, subscribe, hit Johnny up for free catheters or to learn how to become an official Johnny Moss groupie, and as always, stay sweaty friends!

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