Too Many First Dates

We’ve brought together a unique and diverse lineup of “daters,” who have had a rough time finding their match or who have given up on dating altogether. Part social experiment, part podcast, all people looking to find love. Listen along while we dissect dating in 2020 and how dating and meeting someone has changed with the invention of social media. Hosts, cast of daters, and special guests catch up weekly to chat about their individual dates and the absolutely crazy scenarios they find themselves in. Participants are encouraged to be less picky and give a chance (swipe) to individuals they might not regularly consider dating or be attracted to. Our hosts, cast of daters, and special guests get to the nitty gritty of dating and the new rule; all in an effort to help them discover “the one.” You’ll be shocked, you’ll cry, you won’t believe your ears! Fresh episodes coming at you every Friday!

Latest Episode

Snaggle Tooth

June 27, 2020

Well, well, well … if it isn’t our producer and Too Many First Dates dater, Bill Laskowski! Bill’s back and sharing the deets from his very first date with “Snaggle Tooth”. Episode 29 is BEDAZZLED and you’ll want follow along to find out why! Is Bill investing in rhinestones? Will he be back for a second date? Listen now!

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