Puppy King

Puppy King is the latest cute crime documentary from Broken Drift Productions, which tells the outlandish story of Joey Cuddles, The Puppy King. Puppy King follows the life of Joey, the founder of the Greater Puppy Pet Park, and the web of unbelievable stories surrounding him, his brother, Bobbi Snuggs, and their road that inevitably leads to the repossession of their iPads.


Dog Eat Dog

April 23, 2020

We’re closing our Puppy King series with Episode 7, Dog Eat Dog! The 10 year feud between rivals, Joey Cuddles and Carol Catskin, finally comes to an end. Did Joey pay Nick Nubber to steal his puppy back? Will Carol get busted? Will Joey lose his iPad privileges? Find out now! Plus … we’re closing the episode with a very special music video! Wait till the end so you don’t miss it!


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