Want To Serve a Purpose? Serve Others!

Why making yourself available to others will satisfy your soul.

We live in an age of instant gratification.  Sadly, we are also living in a time of fear.

Now more than ever before it seems as if no one wants to get to know each other anymore.  With “cancel culture” growing more intense by the day, people avoid one another in the hopes of avoiding unnecessary confrontation.  Have you noticed lately how many passersby refuse to make eye contact with you?  We have become an offended society.  How many times have you heard someone else say, “I hate people”?  Better yet, how many times have you caught yourself thinking that very same thing?  Be honest.  We have all felt that way from time to time, especially on days when nothing seems to be going right and literally everything becomes a problem.  But here is the thing:  that “I hate people” mindset is so unhealthy!  

With the fast-food paced lifestyles we lead, it is easy to lose sight of what is so important:  being there for each other.

If you have been feeling disgruntled or unsatisfied lately, it could be that you have become inadvertently self-absorbed.  Hey, we have all been there.  Sometimes our daily lives just consume us to the point where we suddenly become all about me, me, me.  

Guess what?  There is a simple solution.  We as a society need to get back to service!  

That is right.  Service is not just about asking, “Do you want fries with that?”  We feel better about our circumstances when we begin to focus on the needs of those around us.

Maryanna Pogosyan, Ph.D. says via www.psychologytoday.com research shows helping others not only makes them feel good, it makes us feel good!  Think about the last time someone else did something for you out of the blue for no reason.  How did you react?  You were pleasantly surprised, right?  Guaranteed, the person who did that thing for you no doubt felt satisfied in their soul.  Treating others how you would like to be treated is not about puffing yourself up.

Serving others is simply about spreading kindness around like confetti!

Your act of kindness does not have to be some big spectacle (although there is nothing wrong with going big or going home).  Here are a few ways to make someone else’s day.

  • OFFER A SMILE:  sometimes a kind gesture is all a person needs.  The next time you are walking through the mall, make a point to smile at someone and say, “hello”.  

You would not believe how such a random greeting can lift a person up!

  • PAY IT FORWARD:  driving down the highway?  Pay the toll for the driver behind you.  Stopping for a cup of coffee?  Take care of the purchase for the next customer.  Not only will you be saving the fortunate person some cash, but you just might inspire them to continue the kindness.

  • MAKE THAT PHONE CALL:  there are times when a text just is not enough.  Pick up your cell or your landline (if you still have one of those) and call the person you were thinking about.  Hearing that they have been on your mind may be just what they need to get through their day.

  • MAKE THOSE PLANS:  we all wish there was more time in the day.  And we all have that one person in our lives who we say we are going to make time for, yet we never get around to spending quality time with.  Do it!  They will cherish the time you devoted to them.  Your initiative will prove how important they are to you.

  • WRITE A LETTER / SEND A CARD:  who doesn’t love getting a surprise in the mail?  Putting pen to paper, going to the store to select a “thinking of you” card shows how much you value the other person.  You may think this is no big deal, but to someone who feels lonely, it could mean the world!

  • DO THE CHORES WITHOUT COMPLAINING:  housework is not just for grade-school siblings.  No matter who you live with, offer to do their usual mundane tasks for them.  

A change from the ordinary can spice things up and elevate your relative’s mood.


By: Dana Nuzzo

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