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Podcast Editing

The Basic


Ideal podcast editing option for those who want a quick turnaround time and minimal editing. Quick and easy, turnaround time is 2 business days. Think your podcast may turn into a series? Get a 10% discount when you purchase 10 editing packages (The Basic or Custom Packages).

Package details:

  • Editing for up to 60 minutes of raw audio
  • Intro Music or Intro Voiceover
  • Outro Music or Outro Voiceover
  • Mix and Master Audio

No worries, additional raw audio is edited at $15 for each 10 minutes of overage.

We can give you a couple options from our own library or you can access a royalty free music site for a larger selection.

Mixing audio is when our audio techs and engineers reduce background noise and enhance audio while ensuring the intro and outro are properly integrated with the audio.

Nope, that’s why we can have such a quick turnaround time... check out “The Custom” package below – more edits and option to choose any add-on services!

The Custom


Perfect for podcasters in need of a hands on approach to their podcast. Our team will work with you to ensure that the podcast sounds exactly as you want it to – more edits means we can remove the “ums” and long pauses. Truly customize your podcast with the “add-ons” below, estimated turnaround time in 4 business days.

Package details:

  • Everything included in The Basic Package plus…
  • Podcast consultation with the Media
  • Production Manager and/or Sales Manager
  • Up to 10 Edits (timestamps required)


  • Each 10 minutes of additional raw
  • Pack of 5 Additional Edits (timestamp required)
  • Sound Effect (timestamp required)
  • Music Transition (timestamp required)
  • Original Audio/Sound Design
  • Distribution and Submission to Podcast Platforms
  • Custom Cover Art for Podcast Platforms (file size
    is 3000 x 3000 pixels – iTunes
  • Expedited Editing: 12 Hour Turnaround or 24
    Hour Turnaround

We will make up to 10 edits in your audio file. During your consultation, you will let us know what you’d like edited out of the podcast... most people choose “ums”, “long pauses”, curse words, and/or noises recorded while recording to be removed.

The timestamp is the hours:minutes:seconds mark (00:00:00) in which you'd like the edit to occur. For example if you wanted a bog bark edited out you would note Timestamp 00:15:23:11 Edit: Remove dog bark.

When you submit your audio file, you will be able to enter the timestamp of each edit and a note as to what you would like edited out.

Not a problem, we will make 10 edits for you – we will list the timestamps and never change the content. We will talk through this during your consultation and only remove what you prefer.

Absolutely, and if you purchase in advance, you’ll get a discount.

This is a great option for a Narrative Non Fiction Storytelling podcast. With Original Audio/Sound Design we ensure that all the music transitions, dialogue, sound effects, and over all audio of the story is perfect. True Sound Design is art and makes the podcast come to life for the listeners. This is not necessary for podcasts that are interview style or topical/informative/news focused.

The New Kid


Specifically designed for first time Podcasters, The New Kid package sets you up for success. Our team will walk you through setting up your hosting site and ensure your podcast is available to listen to on your desired platforms. Estimated turnaround time 7 business days.

Package details:

  • Everything in “The Basic” for 10 episodes plus…
  • One hour podcast consultation training and consult (software/equipment, RSS feed and hosting set up, other details TBD).
  • Up to 5 Edits (timestamp required)
  • Submission and Distribution up to 3 platforms
  • Custom Cover Art Creation
  • Tips and tricks for broadcasting and social media promotion

We will review the equipment your need to record your podcast (ie mics) and the software necessary to record your podcast (there are free options!). We will also take this time to set up your RSS Feed and establish your hosting site. We will answer your questions and make sure you feel prepared to enter the world of podcasting.

YES! The RSS feed allows you to publish your podcast audio file on all the on podcast platforms such as iTunes and Stitcher.

The Host is where you will store and distribute your podcast audio files. You can usually track basic metrics as well, e.g. how many downloads.

Video Editing


$100 DEPOSIT + $40-$70/HR

Here at BDP we want to make your video stand out. Whether it is a professional video for your small business, an educational/”how to” video, a commercial, or a family vacation, we are ready to take your raw footage and edit it into a beautiful “Final Cut”. How it works: You will work directly with BDP’s Lead Video Tech to ensure we have a complete understanding of your goals and timeline. This consultation is completely free and at the end you will be given an hourly rate for services, an estimated project completion date as well as estimated hours needed, and the satisfaction that from the very beginning we are all on the same page.

Package details:
Keep in mind – video Editing packages are custom to each client. If you are interested in any of the below editing features, be sure to discuss during
your free consultation.

  • Color Correction & Audio Restoration
  • Title Cards and Graphics
  • Basic Audio/Visual Effects
  • 3D Graphics/Motion Graphics
  • Original Audio
  • Sound Effects
  • Music/Transitions
  • Multi-Cam Raw Video Footage
  • Expedited Editing
  • Training/Consultation for Video Editing

Cost breakdown

At the end of the consultation, if you choose to move forward with BDP you will sign our Services Agreement and pay a $100 deposit to secure your spot on our schedule. Hourly rates will vary from $40/hr – $70/hr as will estimated completion times as each project is different and truly customized to our clients. The “Final Cut” of your video project will be delivered along with the invoice detailing the total hours worked at the agreed upon hourly rate.

Turnaround Time: All video editing projects are custom and estimated completion times can vary. Turnaround time for your project will be discussed during your consultation. Keep in mind we offer expedited services if need be!

Working with BDP

Throughout the editing process you will have two opportunities to review your project. The first is the “Rough Cut”, this is the video edited down to the meat of the content, no text or music is added at this point. The goal of reviewing the “Rough Cut” is to ensure that the content and/or story of your raw footage is clear.

The second opportunity is the “Fine Cut”, at this stage you will see your video with graphics, music, transitions, text, etc. You will then give your feedback and any suggested changes to your dedicated Video Tech.

The Video Tech will make final changes and edits based on your feedback and then you will receive your completed project or (as the industry calls it) the “Final Cut”.