Parenting the Banana Bros: That’s Sharp!

If there’s one thing I hope to teach my kids, it is to think outside the box. Having the ability to look outside of a problem for the solution can be an invaluable skill.

Banana Sister: Her First Crush

The first time your daughter openly admits to having a crush on a boy it’s like Christmas and a visit to the dentist all rolled into one.

Parenting the Banana Bros: The New Nanny

Our family has been fortunate to surround ourselves with some wonderful nannies while our kids were growing up. Not too long ago, we had to bring in someone new and it has been a wild ride.

Banana Sister: What about the Tooth Fairy?

As my kids get older they have started to be afraid of unjustified things. Conveniently, their new fears either affect daily household chores or everyday hygiene routines.