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How to ‘Hobby’ as an Adult 

Adulthood is defined as the state or condition of being fully grown or mature which is short for crap, we’re on our own now. Excess amounts of work, financial worry and getting drunk off one glass of wine are just some of the full-time benefits you get when you sign up. 

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Let’s Fall in Love with Fall!

It’s getting crispy outside! When October comes around, it always makes a statement — Starbucks throws pumpkin in everything, sweaters replace tank tops and the worst holiday color combination splashes the shelves (cough cough, orange and black). Each season is a chance to revamp and refresh your life, and I’m here to help. 

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Wait! Don’t Scratch That Social Media Itch 

Ahhhhh, social media… you hate to love it. We’re all guilty of getting sucked into a TikTok wormhole or aimlessly scrolling through pages and pages of profiles on Instagram, but when does it all become too second nature? Social media is addicting and studies have consistently shown the connection between mental health decline and extended periods of platform usage. 

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Negotiate Your Way to Success

Do you encounter situations when you feel very strongly about how something should be carried out or completed? Do you feel annoyed that the others don’t see the situation the same as you? 

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Virtual Networking Tips & Tricks 

Networking — we all love to hate it. But when experts say that networking alone fills 85% of all jobs, it’s kinda hard to ignore. With 2021 continuing the trend of a new, more remote “normal” how does networking continue to prosper? 

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It’s Time to Tackle the Ick!

It’s a tale as old as time itself. You look across the bar or swipe right on the most perfect looking specimen you’ve ever laid eyes on. The conversation flows, butterflies erupt and boom, you’re in love… or so you thought.

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