Here’s How to Boost Your Instagram Visibility! 

Did you know: over half of all Instagram accounts browse the Explore section at least once per month (that’s at least 500 million accounts). Now, when was the last time your Instagram post appeared on the Explore page? If your answer is never, then keep reading because below is a not-so-secret guide to Instagram SEO and hacks on boosting your profile visibility. 

Wait! Don’t Scratch That Social Media Itch 

Ahhhhh, social media… you hate to love it. We’re all guilty of getting sucked into a TikTok wormhole or aimlessly scrolling through pages and pages of profiles on Instagram, but when does it all become too second nature? Social media is addicting and studies have consistently shown the connection between mental health decline and extended periods of platform usage. 

Resist Media Multitasking

Focusing on one task at a time is good for your health. You may want to consider changing some of your media habits. 

Stopping Burnout Before It Starts

Burnout can significantly affect your mind and body. It can cause us to suffer from exhaustion, anxiety, and sometimes depression. If left un-addressed, burnout can lead to more severe health problems such as heart attacks or strokes.

Virtual Networking Tips & Tricks 

Networking — we all love to hate it. But when experts say that networking alone fills 85% of all jobs, it’s kinda hard to ignore. With 2021 continuing the trend of a new, more remote “normal” how does networking continue to prosper?